All-in-one Coriolis Flowmeter for Hydrogen


Coriolis Flowmeter for Ultra-high pressure hydrogen gas.

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1.Best choice for high pressure hydrogen gas measurement. 70MPa class.
2.Premium materials and structure applied to make it embrittlement-resistant for hygrogen. Wide working temperature range: -50℃ to +85℃
3.High accuracy (±0.5%rate Range 20:1) and low pressure loss. Small sensing unit well responds to tiny flow.
4.Optimized design for HRS (hydrogen refueling stations) conforms to Japanese high pressure gas safety rules and explosion-proof construction.
5.Flow meter for high pressure hydrogen. The volume and weight of the flowmeter has been reduced to 1/3 or less when compared to our conventional models.
6.Communication system supports RS485 (Modbus ASCII) and Bluetooth compatible.
Type FM-1135
Pressure Type H70 H35
Applicable Fluid Hydrogen
Temperature Ambient temp. -30 to 40 ℃
Fluid temp. -50 to 85 ℃
Mass Flow Error ±0.5% of rate (Range 20:1)
Nominal Flow Rate 360 kg/h
Maximum Flow Rate 720 kg/h
Temperature Accuracy ±1 ℃ ※
Material Flow tube ASME SA-312M GR.TPXM-19(HRX-19)
Body JIS G4303 SUS316 
Cover JIS H 4040 A6061
Process Connection
(Coned and Threaded Connections)
9/16HP (1 1/8-12UNF  female)
Or 3/8MP (9/16-18UNF  female)
9/16MP(13/16-16UNF female)     
Design Pressure 99.0MPa 50.0MPa
High-Pressure Gas Certification Complete inspection (high-pressure gas equipment test to obtain possible products)
Inside Argon gas enclosed
Signal Processing Method Digital(ADC32bit 9.6kHz)
Power Supply DC 24V ±10 % 
Digital Output Open Collector Output: 2 to 24Vdc / 0.5 to 10mA Two Outputs                                         
External Communication(Wired)  RS485(Half Duplex)
Communication Protocol: Modbus(ASCII)
Temperature Sensor  PT100 (JIS-C1604 conformity Class A)
Weight 4.5 kg
■Explosion-Proof Performance / Ratings
Explosion-proof Structure Intrinsic safety explosion-proof structure                    and flame-proof structure
Explosion-proof Performance Ex d ib ⅡC T4 Gb
Explosion-proof Standard Meet the Standards of NEPSI
Also Meet the Standards of ATEX,IECEx,KOSHA
and Japan Standard
Applicable Gas and Steam Hydrogen and gas or steam that exceeds an ignition temperature of 135°C
Power Source DC24V 100mA
Max. r.m.s AC or DC voltage Um AC250V 50/60Hz DC250V
Intrinsically safe circuit 1                (Pins D+ D- S1+ S1- S2+ S2-) Max. output Voltage Uo = 9.1V
Max. output Current ΣIo = 43mA
Max. output Power ΣPo = 100mW
Max. input Inductance Li = 6.7mH
Max. input capacitance Ci = 1.0nF
Intrinsically safe circuit 2              (Pins 5V 0V SIG) Max. output Voltage Uo = 9.1V
Max. output Current ΣIo = 29mA
Max. output Power ΣPo = 65mW
Max. input Inductance Li =1.0mH
Max. input capacitance Ci = 12nF
Installation Environment Zone1 and Zone2 hazardous Area
Electric strength Performance (Compatibility) Intrinsically safe circuit - Grounding metal:
AC500Vrms for one minute
Intrinsically safe circuit - Non-intrinsically safe circuit: AC2000Vrms for one minute

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