Fuel Pump


The Tatsuno FP-1001 series fuel pump is an important part of the fuel dispenser which refuels vehicles. It is a kind of gear pump with the function of separating oil from vapour and air.
This fuel pump is mainly comprised of gear pump, vapour separator and removable and washable strainer. It features small size, high integration, low noise, strong suction and long lift.

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■ Small size and strong output
With the help of the movement of the gears, the pump strongly sucks the fuel and smoothly drains it;

■ Strainers
The fuel pump is equipped with stainless steel filter of 150 and 200 mesh so that impurities in the fuel can be substantially filtered;

■ Vapour separator
Automatically separating the fuel from vapour and air through the float chamber.

■Draining flow rate: 53 L/min or more for standard type; 80 L/min or more for high speed type;
■Liquid viscosity range: 0.5~10 mPa·s;
■Maximum rotating speed: 750rpm or less for standard type; 1000rpm or less for high speed type;

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